• I have been handling complicated energy claims for 12 years and they all present different challenges related to root cause, coverage analysis, measurement and evaluation of subrogation against 3rd parties. Because of the technical nature of these claims, I am always happy to endorse the involvement of Brook Minx and his team at Donato, Minx, Brown & Pool with respect to subrogation. I know they will respond ...

    Robert A. Erb, Assistant VP, Executive General Adjuster, Liberty International Underwriters
  • The law firm of Donato, Minx, Brown & Pool has successfully represented CITGO and our insurance carriers in large subrogation cases. The first case was a jury trial in which we received an award in the mid nine figure range. At the time I believe it was the largest jury verdict rendered in Chicago. Since then the firm handled other subrogation cases which settled in the mid eight figure range. Each of these cases ...

    Jeff Bednar, General Counsel, CITGO Petroleum Corporation
  • OIL INSURANCE LIMITED (OIL) has assigned Brook Minx and his legal team at Donato, Minx, Brown & Pool on several occasions. They have represented both OIL's recovery interests and those of our shareholders. Having handled these in a manner that maintains positive long-term relationships is important for a mutual insurer. And of course, we have been extremely successful with the outcomes.

    Joe Amaral, OIL Claims Manager
  • We are really glad that we and our insurers hired Brook Minx and Donato, Minx, Brown & Pool, P.C. to subrogate our insurance claim.   We considered other law firms but decided Donato, Minx, Brown & Pool, P.C. was the most qualified law firm with a very strong proven track record of multi-million dollar subrogation case victories.  Mr. Minx as an engineer and a lawyer along with his firm did a much better job for us than a big ...

    Dave Chavenson, Treasurer, Alon USA Energy Company
  • I have worked on major loss catastrophes for over 35 years, particularly in the energy sector where the magnitude of loss is immense. It is refreshing to work with Donato, Minx , Brown & Pool who are professionals, they not only get it, they deliver results.

    Bill Kramer, William Kramer & Associates
  • As all in-house counsel know, there is no shortage of competent law firms that can handle routine matters.  But when it comes to high stakes litigation, the choice of law firm is critical.  Choosing the right firm for the job makes all the difference, and Donato, Minx, Brown & Pool is the right firm when you need to recover on a loss.  Their lawyers are passionate, committed, smart, and unrelenting.  They also know how to work ...

    Eric S. Sarner, Associate General Counsel, Praxair, Inc.
  • I am impressed with the level of professionalism, dedication, and persistence the Donato, Minx, Brown and Pool team has put forth on this case.

    Well done team!!!!!

    Huy Phan, Commercial manager EGoM, Williams Midstream
  • We were all impressed and greatly appreciative of your team's hard work and great effort.

    Pamela D. Shelton, Senior Counsel, Williams
  • Congratulations on a very smart hard won effort. Five against one and it seems we were successful in justice.

    Alexander C. Aalders, Manager Offshore Projects, Atlantic-Gulf Operating Area
  • Excellent news, thanks for a great team effort by all at DMB.

    John Hodgett, Claims, Catlin
  • With the utmost in professionalism, knowledge of contract law, and perfect temperament, Donato, Minx, Brown & Pool was able to steer the unruly and unpredictable contractors to a successful mediation.

    Dennis & Laura Lear, Homeowners