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How Long Can I Wait to File a Lawsuit?: Statutes of Limitations & The Discovery Rule

A former miner, diagnosed with silicosis in 1981, recently filed a products liability suit against the makers of the respirators he used while working in the mines.

Sometimes it is not possible to know about an injury until a significant amount of time after the act or omission which caused the injury occurred.   Read More ›

Secret Assassinations & Statutes of Limitations

In 1976, the family of scientist Frank Olson received a $750,000 settlement from the United States government after the scientist, who worked at Fort Detrick (the center of the American biological weapons program from 1943 to 1969), fell thirteen stories to his death. Read More ›

First-party vs. Third-party Insurance Policy

A first-party insurance policy is one that protects the insured against loss or damage resulting from an accident or injury suffered by the covered party and its property. Read More ›

Adult Children & Recovery for the Loss of Parental Consortium

When a parent suffers a nonfatal but serious injury, a parent’s children often feel a pain of their own. Perhaps the parent can no longer coach the child’s soccer team or chaperone the school dance. If a child is very young, it may lose out on years of being held and physically comforted by its parent. When a parent is cognitively damaged, a child may not have the guidance and companionship it would have had if not for the parent’s injury. Read More ›