Subrogation: From Loss to Verdict

Subrogation is the right for an insurer to step into the shoes of their insured to sue, most often in the name of the insured, to recover money paid to the insured by their insurer as a result of a loss caused by a third party(ies).

Over the past 20+ years, Donato, Minx, Brown & Pool, P.C. (“DMBP”) has teamed up with various forensic experts, engineers and specialists to investigate numerous large losses (exceeding a combined $5,000,000,000+) in damages to insured facilities or sites throughout the world and 1,000s of incidents.

Through these past incident investigations, we have learned much about how to organize our team, how to interface with other public and private entities involved in the accident, and how to streamline the technical aspects of the investigation.

Subrogation: From Loss to Verdict (Back Cover)The book published by DMBP Managing Director Brook F. Minx, Subrogation: From Loss to Verdict, provides a "roadmap" for handling large loss incident investigations. This publication illustrates the subrogation process from beginning to end. It compiles a wealth of information, including the definition and purposes of subrogation; legal issues faced in subrogation actions; identifying stakeholders, and the key roles and responsibilities of various parties involved, including federal and state agencies.

Subrogation: From Loss to Verdict also contains information on standard industry codes and investigative methodologies; project management; knowledge management; data analysis; use of experts and discovery best practices. The book includes a case study describing the investigation of a large loss refinery fire, complete with colorful photographs and detailed diagrams. Lastly, this resource contains an organized collection of sample forms and checklists, sample agreements, protocols, quick reference guides, as well as helpful tips for claim handlers.

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